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for social media advertising that matches brands and influencers for freelance marketing

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Marketing made simple and on-the-go for all size brands. Hire influencers and advertise in minutes through all digital methods, including content creation, SEO, Facebook ads.

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Freelance your way into your career automating the entire process of a marketing agency. More deals, less hassle! Any size and location company. Escrow, safety, contracts, PR & media kit.

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The best way to monetize on followers across social media

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Influencers benefits

Brands creator working
  • header logoSell advertising & sponsorships directly
  • header logoCovers every step of the marketing agency
  • header logoEnsure more deals and predictable income
  • header logoInfluencer school and collabs unlocked

Send 60 offers in under an hour

Influencers making marketing decisions
  • header logoA full marketing team automated and streamlined
  • header logoAdopt multi-network ads as more effective marketing
  • header logoOutbid competitors for unparalleled access to any influencer
  • header logoNew and safe strategies with escrow and incentives

About Axees:
For Brands looking for marketing solutions that don’t take forever or are cost heavy, Axees is the fastest, new way to do influencer marketing without a middle-man that allows brands-influencers to find, deal, negotiate, bid, stay protected and unparalleled access to succeed together. We take 15% of the deal.

For Influencers that keep getting demonetized or locked in contracts by middle men, Axees is the best way to monetize your career by selling ads, shills, sponsorships to brands. Axees automates the entire process of a marketing agency. Gives you tools for brands to bid on you, schedule deals ahead and generates leads through link-in-bio.

We're launching Q2 of 2024. Sign up for launch alert

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A creator-brand matching platform to generate advertising deals. Find, negotiate, and access protection with milestones of all deals. Axees is a game changer for advertising and sponsoring deals that offer the most impressions and conversion sales of all marketing options.

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